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Best Time to Visit Uganda.

Declared the Pearl of Africa, Uganda is one of the top captivating destinations you should not miss on your African Safari vacation.

It shares its borders with Kenya in the East, Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

Uganda is part of East Africa and has a lot of things which draw attention of several travelers from different parts of the World.

Although there is a lot to admire, still you may not be inspired mostly when you don’t choose your dates respective to the best time. Therefore for best explorations on a Uganda Safari, its better you opt for the best time. Below is the detailed highlight about the best time of visiting Uganda.

Usually the most highly rated suitable time for visiting Uganda is during periods of sunshine and hot weather. For Uganda as a country with its different climatic conditions, this period runs from late December to late February.

Additionally, June to September is another good period to spend time in Uganda, expect warm temperatures and little rain. Preferably this period of time fits best for tourists or travelers who are not used to high temperatures and very cool temperatures, it’s ever moderate.

Wet season is experienced from March to May and October to November, during this time downpours are constant thus creating less accessibility on some roads and within some National Parks mostly in the western part.

If you are a fun of traveling during wet season because it also has some merits to consider, it’s advised you use a 4×4 wheel drive vehicle.

A bigger part of any Safari in Uganda is taken up by Primate Walks in the forest like Chimpanzee tracking in Kibale ,Gorilla trekking, Golden monkey tracking and more.

During wet season rain-forests are very wet and there is no way you can avoid the rain drops completely. You are most likely to miss out with once in a life time dream “Mountain Gorilla Trekking” in case it happen to rain from morning till evening though it’s very rare.

Or there is a possibility of rain drops starting when you are still in the jungle, therefore do not forget to wear a rain jacket or moving with an Umbrella.

Game drives and viewing in Uganda is the best way of soaking up with its rich Wildlife in the biodiversity. They are fantastically best during February to March and September – October.

Several sights of different wild animals concentrated in the breeding grounds and around water sources are truly inspiring. On top of that, visitors are captivated by the sweeping views of sunrise in the morning and sunset during evening game drive.

You can go Bird watching in Uganda all year round but it’s more thrilling between November and April when migrant species are present as well.

All what I say is that this detailed information provided is enough to arrive you to a remarkable Uganda Wildlife Safari provided you go by our tips.

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