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    With its outstanding attractions, favoring conditions and impeccable hospitality services, it is no surprise that Uganda is listed among the top breathtaking destinations to visit in Africa. Certainly, this s the reason why Sir Winston Churchill dubbed it “The Pearl of Africa” after his great visit in 1907.

    You can only find this destination in the Eastern part of Africa near Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the north, Rwanda in the south west, Tanzania in the south and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

    Though Gorilla Trek in Bwindi is the main attracting point for most visitors to Uganda, there are other activities to make you feel like Gorilla trek is not the top most as it is ranked by several tourists. These pursuits are as below.

    Rhino Tracking in Ziwa.

    Rhinoceros are among the African Big Fives. These animals were typical residents in Uganda’s lush habitats but due to unfavorable conditions that included civil wars, limited pasture, diseases and poaching, these animals varnished.

    The aim of introducing them back to Uganda is the reason for the establishment of Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Central Uganda – Nakasongola. It is currently home to the species of White Rhinoceros that were exported from Solio ranch in Kenya and other donated by Disney kingdom of animals. You can visit to spend about 1-2 hours with these animals.

    Chimpanzee Tracking.

    Chimps are the closest primates to human beings, travelers like meeting with them for a close look and this is what’s called Chimpanzee tracking. It is done in a group and always a trek is first conducted to advice tourists before the tracking journey.

    In Uganda, you can do this experience in Kibale Forest National Park, Kyambura gorge – Queen, Budongo forest – Murchison and Kalinzu Wildlife reserve.

    White Water rafting in Jinja.

    This is the main water sport that draw plenty of adventurers to Uganda. It involves sailing on the streaming waters by use of rafts that usually follow the direction of flowing water. This experience is offered in Jinja along the waters of River Nile.

    Golden Monkey Tracking.

    Golden Monkeys are species of the old World monkey family. They mostly live in the mountainous bamboo forested areas.

    Embarking on a tracking expedition to jungle exposes you to these primates and other Wildlife species. You can be part of this encounter only in Mgahinga National Park for the case of Uganda.

    Visit to Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary.

    Ngamba Island Chimp is one of the two sanctuaries in Uganda. It was established mainly to provide home to the rescued chimpanzee primates.

    It is currently home to over forty nine chimpanzees that live the forests on the Islands and the cages.

    Travelers visit to feed the chimps, give care or you can even volunteer for some weeks. The all money paid support in facilitating this project. Daily visitors go there by boat and the starting point is in Nakiwogo – Entebbe.

    Taste local cuisine.

    If you are after culinary adventure, Uganda offers an unrivalled experience not to miss. This country features a range mouthwatering dishes you can savor while on a Safari to Uganda.

    These specialities include Matooke, Potatoes, Cassava, Rolex and more. You can find these meals in different local restaurants around major towns and cities such Kampala, Masaka, Mbarara and more.

    Boat Cruise.

    This is one of the most astounding adventures in Uganda. You will take in spectacular views of Uganda’s sceneries, sunset/rise, and Wildlife as you sail on the waters by boats.

    You can have this experience in Entebbe along the waters of Lake Victoria, Jinja along River Niles, Murchison Falls National Park, Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyonyi, Queen Elizabeth National Park along Kazinga Channel and other scenic localities.

    Game Driving.

    Mostly done in Uganda’s protected parks, Game driving involves driving around the Park suburbs following the well-established trails with the aim of sighting different Wildlife species like Wild animals, Primates and bird species.

    It is only offered in a Safari vehicle with pop up roof. From the pop up roof, you will not stop admiring the panoramic views.

    Cultural Encounters.

    Uganda pleases most travelers with diverse culture. That is why it receives a lot of those who are enthusiastic about meeting with different tribes to soak up their traditions and norms.

    While in this country, you can visit the Batwa people in western Uganda, Matheniko in northern Uganda, Baganda in central, Acholi tribe and more.

    Take a cooking class.

    This is an exceptional experience, it lets you learn how to prepare different Uganda’s local meals using fresh ingredients from the markets.

    You will visit the local markets to learn collect and learn about different ingredients used, after you return to try the cooking while being directed by the professional chefs. Sights and Sound is the best school to have this unusual encounter in Uganda.

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