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Car Hire in Uganda

Car Hire in Uganda

Car Hire in Uganda, All our ground handling services are handled in our private safari vehicles, we have a variety of cars that will take you around. Our car fleets includes safari land cruiser TX, Tz, GX, Land cruiser hard top both short and extended with pop-up roofs. V8, safari vans and supper customs just to mention but a few. Many travelers who have visited the country more than ounce prefers to hire cars on self-drive, we do offer that service to travelers who want to traverse Uganda and Rwanda on their own and explore Africa’s secretes. You can contact us and we hire you the preferred car based on your budget and interest. Hiring the car on self-drive has its advantages including.

Car Hire in Uganda/Gorilla Safari Trails

Self-driving is economical and very rewarding to travel within the country, you have the freedom to choose the car you need based on your budget and where you are going. If you are going to hire the car in Kampala, no need of hiring a 4×4 car, 4×4 is only suitable for extensive driving safari. In major national parks such as Murchison falls, Queen national park, Lake Mburo national park, Kidepo Valley National park and Bwindi Impenetrable they can be only visited using four wheel drive cars.

On your self-drive safari, you have more collaboration with the local people and get the opportunity to view the different landscapes in more detail and at your own pace.

You have the chance to drive at your own pace and time, since you are behind the driver’s seat, you can make a stop-over at any interesting place and admire nature.

You can as well hire the car with the driver, we have experienced drivers who are well conversant with each and every part of both country including Uganda, Rwanda and DRC and they can drive you safely on your safari to any destination. Hiring a car with a driver also has its advantages, so it will depend on your interest of why hiring a car with a driver or with-out. Some of the advantages of hiring the car with the driver include;

Knowledgeable about all tourist spots in the entire East Africa, this is of advantage in that you will be driven to the exact spot you need to reach too without getting lost.  Many tourist fail to reach to their area of interest since they are not well conversant with some of the places especially tourist on self-drive, however this can be avoided if you get a driver and lead you.

Safe driving, you are driven by expert people, you can just sit at the back and leave everything with the driver. And you dodge the hustles and difficulties of driving on strange road.

Comfort: You feel combatable being handed to an expert driver to take you around and you will feel safe and secure.  Their knowledge of driving will make you comfortable and safe on the road.

When you hire a driver in Uganda with Gorilla safari trails, you are assured of safety on the road, privacy and maximum respect both on and off-road. Are you planning to rent a car in Uganda with a driver? Not look no further, we will offer you the car based on your budget whether you are going to Uganda Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Just contact us in time we will offer you the service.