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Kahuzi Biega National Park

Kahuzi Biega National Park, Location. This is a protected area located in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo near Bukavu town near Western bank of Lake Kivu and Rwanda border.

Kahuzi Biega National ParkGeography. Kahuzi Biega National park lies west of Bakavu town in South Kivu Province covering a total Area of 6000 km2. Larger part of the Park is in lowland terrain with the small part being in Mitumba Mountain range of Albertine Rift in the Great Rift Valley. A corridor of 7.4 km width joins mountainous and lowland terrain. Eastern Kahuzi Biega National Park is the smaller Mountainous region measuring 600 km2 while the larger part measures 5,400 km2 and consists mainly of lowland stretching from Bukavu to Kisangani, which is drained by Luka and Lugulu rivers flowing into Lualaba River. Two dormant volcanoes are situated within the limits of the Park including Kahuzi at 3,308 m and Biega at 2,790 m. This Park derived its name from these two Volcanoes. Annual precipitation received in the Park is approximated to 1800mm, maximum temperature recorded in the Park is 18 °C and minimum is 10.4 °C.

Biodiversity. The main eco systems recorded in the Park include Swamps, bogs, marshland and riparian forests. Eastern mountainous sector of the Park includes continuous forest vegetation starting from 600 m to 2,600 m characterised to be the rare sites in Sub-Saharan Africa which elaborates all stages of the low to highland transition including six vegetation types: swamp and peat bog, swamp forest, high-altitude rainforest, mountain rainforest, bamboo forest and subalpine heather. Western lowland sector of the park is dominated by dense Guineo-Congolian wet equatorial rainforest, with an area of transition forest between 1,200 m and 1,500 m.

Kahuzi Biega National Park is popularly known for habiting rarely seen species of Lowland Gorillas in its jungles. Other primates include Chimpanzees, owl-faced monkey, mammals include bongo, bush elephant, bush buffalo, and hylochere, Alexander’s bush squirrel, Aquatic civet, eastern needle-clawed galago, MacLeod’s horseshoe bat, and Ruwenzori least otter shrew.

How to get there? All visitors to Democratic Republic of Congo land in Rwanda at Kigali border because Congo is characterised with poor airport transport systems and this country is characterised with some insecurity issues. Therefore the best way of reaching Kahuzi Biega National Park is by landing in Rwanda at Kigali airport and transfer up to Goma border where you cross from up to DR Congo, transportation from Goma border is usually done by Virunga foundation using their suitable Safari Jeeps up to your hotel of residence. Clearing at the customs of Goma border you are required to present an entry Visa which costs $100 USD per person, valid passport and valid yellow fever vaccination card.

Lowland GorillasWhat to do. The major activity done in Kahuzi Biega National Park is the Lowland Gorilla trekking which involves meeting with these apes in the Jungles, this activity requires a permit and this permit costs $400 USD per person usually booked in advance before your trekking dates. you can as well trek  the gorillas and also hike the Nyiragongo

Accommodation. Good accommodation facilities are available reserved for visitors to stay while on a great visit to Kahuzi Biega National Park in the Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo.