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    Uganda’s largest national park protects a chunk of untamed African savannah bisected by the River Nile. It is named for the dramatic Murchison Falls, where the world’s longest river explodes violently through a narrow cleft in the Rift valley escarpment to Plunge into a frothing pool 43m below. Wild life populations have largely recovered from the poaching of the 1980’s; in the lush borasus grassland to the north of the Nile, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and verity of antelope are regular encountered on game drives, while lions are seen with increasing frequency. In the south east, Rubongo forest is home to chimps and other rainforest creatures. The Nile its self hosts one of Africa’s densest hippo  and crocodile populations and a dazzling variety  of water birds including the world’s most  accessible wild population of the rare  shoebill stork.
    Size : 3,893 sq Km

    In the northwest, approximately 90km from Masindi.

    Getting there and away
    A day’s drive from Kampala, with a possible overnight stay at Masindi. Public transport is available to Masindi. Public Transport available to Masindi; taxis from there to the park.

    Regular launch trips to the base of the falls offer fine game-viewing and bird watching. Boat trips to the Lake Albert delta provide the best chance in Africa of sighting shoebills. Chimp tracking at Rabongo Forest and enroute from Masindi in the Budongo forest. Game drives on good network roads.

    Visiting time: Any time of the year.

    Two up market lodges and a luxury tented camp. Simply but comfortable chalets. Camping is permitted in elected spots. Campsites are available at the Top of the falls, Rabongo Forest, Paraa and delta area. Toilets or pit latrines/ showers or bathing shelters are provided at these sites. Traditional and self-contained bandas are available at Red Chilli Rest Camp. Meals and beverages are offered. In addition, luxurious accommodation is available at Nile Safari camp, Sambiya River Lodge and Paraa Safari lodges.