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All about Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Rwanda is amongst the top three countries in Africa which are known for inhabiting the World’s mostly wanted species of Gorillas.

Research puts that Rwanda “The land of a thousand hills” in the Eastern part of Africa receives huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World per year.

This is because of the shy endangered ground dwelling herbivores Mountain Gorillas although other major key attracting factors appear.

Besides Mountain Gorillas, other major key attracting factors include easy of accessibility to Rwanda, favorable climatic conditions, stable financial status, available good service providers, good transportation system, welcoming locals in Rwanda and stable security.

Rwanda is also inclusive of the list of top destinations which contribute highly to Africa’s great Wildlife offered in its Biodiversity.

It inhabits wide range of different Wildlife Species in its major tourist sites which are located in its different regions.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda.

Gorilla trekking is an activity liked by most of tourists who visit Rwanda. Including those who have visited this Land of a thousand hills for several times and first time visitors who drop in very interested in exploring what’s praised by most of visitors to Rwanda.

This exciting activity usually includes trekking in a group following the permanently established routes to the Jungle in search of this shy ground dwelling Mountain Gorillas.

You can’t stop imagine meeting with them from a distance for interaction, real experience of their appearance and behaviors.

It is usually done in a group of eight people assigned per Gorilla family each day plus the park ranger guide assigned to the group for guidance and protection while trekking in the Jungles.

Before the trekking journey is started, a briefing is first conducted at the Park offices or starting point to highlight trekkers about all what it takes for Gorilla trekking experience. After the short briefing, the journey is started heading to the Jungle in search of these apes.

Locating these apes in the Jungle, you are allowed to be in their presence for a period of only one hour while seeing them playing with young ones, feeding, laughing, resting, dwelling around plus taking photos and videos of them.

After the one hour session you are required to vacate the place such that more room is created for these apes to continue with their day to day activities in the Jungle.

Such as feeding, resting, playing, construction of temporary grass thatched huts for shelter and more. Descending back to the Park offices you will be awarded with a Gorilla trekking certificate recognizing you as someone who has contributed part towards the conservation of Gorilla lives in Rwanda.

It’s always advised that you come with your packed food whenever you are going for the Gorilla trek.

The reason for this packed food is not hidden; rather it’s for eating while in the Jungle since usually most of the time lunch hours reach when trekkers are still in the Jungle.

Where to go for Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda.

Rwanda is listed on the top destinations to go for Safaris in Africa because of majorly the shy endangered Mountain Gorillas.

Are you a first timer to Rwanda the land of a thousand hills or you have visited it for several times but very interested in meeting the mostly wanted Gorillas? if it’s so then the only place to go for these apes while in Rwanda is the mighty Volcanoes National Park.

Volcanoes Park is geographically located in the North Western part of Rwanda in Musanze district along its border with Democratic Republic of Congo.

Apart from Mountain Gorillas, Volcanoes National Park provides habitat to other Wildlife species including Golden Monkeys that are mostly found in the Mountainous bamboo forested areas.

Traveling from Kigali, you can either reach this Park by road transport means or air transport means. Traveling from Kigali by road, it takes about 2-3 hours for the drive from Kigali city or airport up to the Park.

If not road transport you can go by air transport means, private charters are arranged from Kigali airport up to Kinigi airstrip near the offices of Volcanoes National Park.


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