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How to get to Uganda.

Is traveling your passion and still searching about the most exciting destinations to visit in the African continent for discoverable Safari vacations? If it’s so then you should not miss out Uganda.

It was dubbed The Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill” in 1908 after his great visit to this amazing African destination in 1907.

The reason to Uganda’s declaration as the Pearl of Africa by Sir Winston Churchill is the evidenced Wide range of different Unique Wildlife species in its Biodiversity.

Plus other exciting natural attractions which include physical features like Forests, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes, fall and more.

Uganda is geographically located in the Eastern part of the African continent bounded by Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South west, Tanzania in the South and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West.

It’s characterized with different ecosystems including tropical rain-forests, montane rain-forests, bogs, bamboo forested areas, hilly and mountainous areas, shrubs, marshes, alpine forests, riverine forests and fertile swampy areas.

Uganda is listed among the top three countries in the African continent which provide habitat to the remaining species of shy endangered ground dwelling herbivores Gorillas with Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Due to this Uganda sounds more to different countries of the World as far as Tourism, since Gorillas are one of the mostly wanted must visit attractions in the World.

Uganda usually receive huge percentage of tourists from different countries of the World per year because of its major key attracting factors which include wide range of different exciting attractions, ease of accessibility, favorable climatic conditions, available good service providers, welcoming locals, stable financial status and stable security.

How to get to Uganda? Usually all travelers from different countries of the World access Uganda by air transport means.

There are many airlines of different countries flying in and out of Uganda per day. Planning for a visit to Uganda, book a flight ticket of any airline of your choice.

Flying to Uganda as a tourist, business traveler, student traveler or traveler of any kind you will land in at Entebbe international airport which is located about 37 km south east of Kampala Uganda’s capital city.

For your best traveling, put it in mind that to be issued with entry permission to Uganda, you must present three required documents which include valid passport, entry visa which costs $50 USD per person and valid yellow fever vaccination card.

A passport in Uganda is considered to be valid when it’s still six months or more to its expiration dates.


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